Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to our American Idol

All day I have been trying to come up with something worthy of Clay's 28th birthday. I haven't blanked out so badly since the 'Statement of Financial Position Cash Basis' problem on the CPA exam. Luckily the very eloquent Rockys Mom of Clayversity wrote a lovely post which went right to the heart of wanted to say, but could quite get out.

With Rockys Mom permission:

Happy Birthday Clay

While eating dinner my computer switched over to "screensaver"

The first picture that came up was of Clay,from his Atlanta audition.

And I wondered if I could go back in time and whisper in that young man's ear,that I could tell him that in just a few short years,on his 28th birthday...

He wouldn't have to worry about paying off his student loans or his mom making her mortgage payments

He wouldn't have to feel bad that Brett had been forced to sell his beloved Firebird

He wouldn't have to worry about getting his degree or what the Chancellor of UNCC might think of him


He'd be showing WRAL around his 2 million dollar,9,000 square foot home

That one room of his house contains mementos of his trips to Indonesia and Africa as a UNICEF ambassador,one highly thought of by the organization,perhaps partly because of his ability to raise tens of thousands of dollars in less than a day-simply by asking his fans

His fans also help support the foundation he's started to help the cause of inclusion for special-needs children.This is aside from his postion on a Presidential council for special-needs issues.

Another room contains numerous awards he's been given for his skyrocketing musical career,plus an "Outstanding Alumnus Award" from UNCC

His dining room has held parties for much-loved friends and family and his "four-legged kids" roam the rooms freely

The girl that beat you in Charlotte....will become one of your dearest friends and you'll be Godfather to her son.

That shortly he'll be boarding a plane for Illinois to begin his seventh tour,singing songs of the season including hymns of praise to his Lord,backed by symphony orchestras.Fans travel 1,000's of miles in order to see him as often as possible.

He'll have set records of some type with virtually every recording he releases.His latest CD will see his first efforts as a lyricist and he's Executive producer on his new Christmas EP.

He'll be a sought after guest on TV shows,both for his singing ability and his humor,charm,and quick-wit.

They'll be bad days....some very bad days. But you will have fans that love you...really and truly love you,unconditionally....and they will not desert you through these times. Indeed,they will help forge an unbreakable bond between you and your fandom. You'll learn their words and you'll tease them mercilessly and we'll drive each other crazy sometimes.Some of us will hate your hair. Some will get your name tattooed on their backs. We'll learn that you have no sense of time,especially the word "soon". You'll learn that we must have our "Clack".

So don't worry,Atlanta Clay....just walk out there and tell them that you're the next American Idol. It's the truth...more than they will ever know. Happy Birthday,Baby!

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At 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog! Love the flashback for Clay. Happy Birthday OMC!

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous MyMOAM said...

That was so beautiful, I am bawling. I so hope Clay gets to read that. It overflows with love for him.


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