Sunday, May 11, 2008

On My Way Here

On My Way Home was released this week. It features an eclectic mix of music from symphonic ballads, midtempo pop-rock, to a song with R&B flavor, one with a bit of country, and a beautiful, jazzy love song. I've never loved all songs on any album before, not even other Clay Aiken albums, but I truly can't pick a true favorite this time. There isn't one song I feel compelled to skip. Three that really stand out to me are "Where I Draw The Line", "Sacrificial Love", and "As Long As We're Here". Tomorrow there will three other stand-outs. Special mention for the best song on the album, "Lover All Alone". This song was a bonus with the iTunes purchase of A Thousand Different Ways and is now the the physical CD of OTWH. "Lover All Alone" was written by Clay (lyrics) and David Foster (music), and remains one of the most lyrically poignant and beautifully melodic songs I've ever heard. Clay might not consider himself a songwriter, but LAA proves that he is.

Clay promoted the album on several shows this week. Here are two performances:

"Ashes", an uptempo songs that is on the Good Morning America website (it was performed but was not show on-air), and "On My Way Here" from The View.


~On My Way Here~

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