Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On My Way Here: 200 Freestyle Michael Phelps, Park Tae-hwan, and Peter Vanderkaay

Since this is a Clay Aiken-centric blog I usually don't blog about other topics, but the fantastic 200-freestyle in the 2008 Olympics with a record-breaking gold medal win by Michael Phelps warrants a break from the main topic.

Michael Phelps now ties Mark Sptiz, Larisa Latynina, Paavo Nurmi, and Carl Lewis with 9 gold medals. In the winning swim, Michael broke the world record by more than a minute with a time of 1:42:96. He finished more than a full body-length over silver medalist Park Tae-hwan. Michael touched the wall so early that he got to watch the rest of the field coming in. First-time Olympian Peter Vanderkaay won the bronze. Congratulations to all three.

Since this is a Clay Aiken blog it seems fitting to feature this video of Park Tae-hwan which was shown on Korean TV following his silver medal swim. The footage features Clay singing "On My Way Home":

From Crackle: On Way Way Here:

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