Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008: What a Year!

As we are starting a new year, I look back on 2008 as a time of change within the fandom. We've been on this road with Clay for over five years, and it's never been an easy path, but the best things in life aren't easy or handed to you on a silver platter. We experienced the highs of success and the lows of unfilled expectations. As a fandom, we've laughed, cried and had fun together. The fandom has forged individual friendships that go beyond Clay Aiken. Not all the faces and online names are the same or perhaps even quite as many, but for those of us still here, the best it yet to come.

Professionally in 2008, Clay Aiken took Broadway by storm, released a beautiful, personal (if under-promoted album), went to a dangerous and war-torn Somalia for UNICEF, and raised a lot of money for both The Bubel-Aiken Foundation and Broadway Cares. 2008 has been perhaps the most freeing and happiest year personally for Clay Aiken. He and his dear friend, Jaymes Foster had a beautiful baby boy, he decided to satisfy the invasive curiosity of the media and told us that he is indeed gay, and hopefully has found romantic love. That's a lot for one year, but what the heck, Clay has always been a multi-tasker. One thing is evident, there is an aura of happiness--genuine happiness, not a switch he throws on for the public--about the man these days. It suits him.

I was going to do a timeline respective for 2008, but others have done them much better than I could. Check out ClaySpots for a great timeline. Instead I bring a few of my favorites moments and photos from the year.

An Extraordinary Man

And for a another look at 2008, here is a fantastic montage by the talented Suz4:

~My Favorite Things: 2008~

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Allegra... I loved your concise recap!... and wonderful slideshow!


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