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Fame Comes With A Thousand Different Downsides

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This year Clay Aiken has been plagued by people of dubious character looking to make a dime off of his celebrity. The latest such person is one that purports to be an old family friend even though she is at most an acquaintance. This so-called friend wrote an unauthorized biography and was shocked to find out that Clay and his family did not endorse her book. What a surprise! Now the author is charging Clay and his mother with defamation of character. Clay normally does not answer charges and lies about him, but don't mess with his family. Mr. Aiken has decided to kick some ass. Yay! I love a man who uses the word "scurrilous".

From the Associated Press: Author of Clay Aiken Book Sues Singer

Aiken, in a statement issued by RCA Records, said Monday that he had"instructed my attorneys to not only vigorously dispute the claims that have been made but to also pursue all possible remedies against those involved in the perpetration of these untruths."


The lawsuit seeks at least $260,000 in damages and asks the court to order Aiken to retract the critical comments or endorse the book on his official Web site, to write a positive introduction for the book and to sell the book at his concerts for at least five years.

In his statement, Aiken, 27, also said:

"As a so-called `celebrity'I have become used to scurrilous allegations and untruths being made about me and my work. I have always taken the path of not reacting to these matters and have accepted them as, somehow, coming with the `job.'However, I cannot, and will not, stand by when these attacks are made on my family."

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On a happier note, here are three songs that will be on Clay's new album. I can't wait to see what Clay does with the Bon Jovi song. It is one of the four songs considered original for this album since Bon Jovi had only released the song in Japan and not the USA.

Note: YouTube seems to a bit wonky. If per chance the videos are not showing up, check back later.

Montage by Aspiegirl set to "These Open Arms" by Bon Jovi

Montage set to snippets of Clay singing "Without You"

Video of Clay performing "1000 Days" in concert

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At 11:51 AM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...

Fame comes with a thousand different downsides -- how true! We blogged about the same topic, and I hope that's the end of that.

I am so glad you featured the various montages to ATDW songs with your blog. Awesome!


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Diamond said...

I think the Bon Jovi song will be one of the highlights of the CD for me as well - really looking forward to hearing that one.

Also, about the "lawsuit." I'm sure it'll be over quickly and I'm glad to know that when Clay does react to things like this, he's tough and not willing to back down!

At 6:38 PM, Blogger lakecat said...

I hope all the blood suckers will live him alone some day. By his statement he definitely has a much better attitude about them than I would ever have.

On the other hand, his voice on Without You is unearthly. Absolutely beautiful, I can't wait for the rest of the song.


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