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Not Quite a Tour, But Still Making a Joyful Noise

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Last night in Waukegan, Illinois was opening night of Clay's Christmas Symphony Tour. He is the guest vocalist for various symphonies this holiday season. He sung, he bantered, he messed up a few words, he missed a couple of notes as vocalists that don't lipsync are wont to do. It was a glorious experience for all that attended.

Here are a few comments made by some attendees:

"The "light" that he brings to us all is just phenomenal. I was thinking we wouldn't get to hear him speak much on this tour....but boy was I wrong. He is so funny and smart and those belly laughs!!!! I felt like my face was stuck in either the "gah mode" or the "smiley mode". And again when he left the stage, it is like a big bulb goes off. And I want more, more, more."~~claysrainbow from CV

" Wow What a great night last night was! My first ever FIRST Concert!! He was so amazing! Boy have I missed seeing that man live!! I am still on cloud 9!!!!"~~toni7babe from CV

" Oh what joy to hear and see Clay again, He looked so happy to be back on stage with us. He sure did a lot of talking, I think he missed us. His funny charm one moment and serious beautiful song the next. What a magical moment."~~momof3boys at CV

"I've never been close to Clay before and actually had more than one time of direct eye contact. Wow. I can not even begin to describe it. He really almost looks into you and doesn't let go, I had to look away. His eyes were sparkling last night and he just had such an aura about him."~~demeter at CV

" I was so impressed with the crowd turn out and the number of people that made it traveling from afar. I really did not expect such a huge crowd. I thought we'd be stuck with about a half-full show due to the weather. Wrong."~~demeter at CV

" He sang beautifully, changed up a couple of the songs slightly (I think some of it may have had to do with trying to preserve his voice for future concerts), and he was hysterical in between. When he talked to the couple who had been married for 41 years, he sat on the stool singing one song and then said, "This is the cuddle section," before the next one. He worked the front of the stage most of the night, occasionally sitting on the stool for a song or two. I can remember a lot, but I can't describe it too well. It almost felt unreal. I guess you would say I was in the Aiken fog."~~PoisonIvy at CV

"He is back, he is gorgeous, he is awesome. They lined up a single file toward the bus and he shook everyone's hand. They were laying a "salt" trail in front of him as he walked and Jerome held onto the back of his coat to keep him from falling. It was too cute and funny. He had on an overcoat when he came out, was smiling from ear to ear as the door opened and he came through."~~TOTLAK at CV

"His voice was wonderful tonight. That man was so excited to be back on stage, he was glowing."~~clem at CV

"The banter was hilarious, really worked well in person. He fed off the crowd and the crowd loved it. I've really missed the banter since the JBT. Last Christmas we did nit get much because of the play and I missed it. He got big laughs for his bit about putting his hand over people's mouths, but it as all just adorable and funny."~~DolcePienza at CH

"This was my first time attending an opening night of a Clay Aiken concert. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that, for once, I didn't know what was going to happen next. First, he is a beautiful man. I love the long hair from his left profile, for sure, but mostly from the back. Sounds weird, I know, but I just love the back of that healthy and glowing head of hair. Secondly, his personality and whit are so enjoyable to witness. His snark is great. My favorite line of the night was when he said he'd be "sucking it in all night". BWAH! Third, his voice was beautiful and pure. I had been in the worry car for a few weeks about the voice but I've crawled out of it after last night. Yes, he missed the glory notes in DSIAFCD and AIW but I chalk that up to the fact that he hasn't toured in a year and he probably needs to get that part of his voice back in shape."~~Browneyes50 at CH

Set List:
Christmas Waltz
The First Noel
Merry Christmas With Love
Winter Wonderland
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Sleigh Ride (thru page 24)
Mary, Did You Know?
Hark, the Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful
My Grown-Up Christmas List
O Come O Come Emmanuel
Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
All Is Well

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At 5:55 AM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Wonderful collection of fan comments on the Christmas Tour's opening night! I love reading recaps, and you have provided several that I missed.



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