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The Summer Tour: Pala California

August 3, 2007 Palomar Starlight Theatre in Pala, California

~Photos by the talented fans of ClayNation~

ClayNation highlights:

Posted by salterwaterdog at CV:
The two couples directly in front of my husband and I were newbies. One couple had seen an American Idols II show, but this was their first Clay Aiken concert. They all were interested and enjoying themselves early on in the show, but when Clay spotted the “Flat Clay” cardboard cutout in an upper hotel window, they were hooked. During “When I See You Smile” Clay sang to the image as if it were his true love and Quiana and Angela joined in with gestures to support him. At that point, the folks in front of us joined in the fun as if they were longtime Claymates. They laughed at Clay’s jokes and snuggled during the sweet songs. One of the men even kept a close eye out on “Flat Clay” all evening.

Posted by clight at CV:
I took my niece to her first Clay concert ever at Pala and she was definitely clayverted. she loved the his voice...she had ATDW so she knew that, but was unprepared for his interaction with the audience and just how wonderfully funny he is. She's the same age as Clay and her birthday is only a few days apart so I was so glad she loved the concert. She called her husband on the way back to my house to tell him just how great it was and
how she wished he had come. She raved and raved. Then when she got home at midnight she called me to thank me and say that she had listened to the CD all the way home...couldn't get enough.

Thoughts from the cellist that played on stage:
She said that Clay really has the "chops," meaning his voice is incredible; but what really makes him special is the magical interaction with the audience. He had us eating right out of his hand, and that is what makes him a great entertainer.

Anyone can sing, but not everyone can have that relationship with an audience. She said it felt great to hear the applause because most of the time, they don't even know if their audiences are awake. The orchestra really seemed to enjoy Clay, as they were laughing right along with all his jokes; and he was in rare form tonight.

Posted by artquest at CH:
Clay hit the stage last night like lightning. From the first instant it was clear that this was no San Diego. His voice held up nicely for most of the concert, but his wit has never been sharper. It was reflected back to him by his partners in crime. Quiana and Angela seem to tease him about who will duet on IWKWLI. In San Diego he thought it would be Angela, last night it was clear he thought it would be Quiana. He whipped around when Angela started singing and grinned. Then they got to talking about the casino and playing the slots and finally Angela pointed out Flat Clay in the hotel window.

Posted by raquelsg at CV:
Clay was unbelievable last night in Pala--pure magic and hysterical. I watched grown men around me dying of laughter. We spoke to one couple in front of us who hadn't been to a concert before and they were surprised we had been to a concert the night before and were back. We tried to explain how great they were and they were all different..... Well as the night progressed and they were laughing hysterically or smiling non-stop or standing and cheering, the husband kept turning around to say "He's fantastic".... "He's hysterical".... "Now I see why you go to multiple concerts!" Yes, it was a magic night for all of us, including Clay. You could tell how much he and Q&A appreciated the "energy" and response from the audience. They both mentioned how great the audience was.

Posted by yaknelle at CV:
My most personal moment at Pala came with Clay singing Lover All Alone. I don't remember anything but his magnificent voice reaching the deepest part of my soul. I, as many of you, have had that moment where love seems impossible, the loneliness unbearable, and the thought that love might never be a reality at all. When I heard this live it hit me square in the heart. I could not breath and that moment Clay always takes to come out of a song was needed by me. If I never attend another concert, I believe, I have had the moment when artist and a fan have a melding of souls.

Because You Love Me is the perfect ending to the concert. In my opinion, he loves us because we care. He loves us not because we are crazy, or sport tattoos and wear tee shirts, but because we know the truth, that he's a good person, a real person, that his soul is in the right place, that he is stronger than all the garbage that has been thrown at him. He loves us because we love him.

Posted by spotlightlover at CH:
Clay was hysterically funny tonight. The "slooooow" banter before TWYMMF was just hilarious. I can't begin to remember all the best moments without reviewing all the Clack. Another great one was when Clay was late getting onstage for the second half and had to run from the wings to his spot to get to the mic in time. Lover All Alone was especially ethereal and heart-tugging.

Some funny moments at Pala:

~Part 1~

~Part 2~



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With the fan descriptions, the video and photo clack, your blog provides everyone the flavor that was uniquely Pala. This concert is one of my favorites.

Thank your for your kind comments in the Carolina entries. Have a great weekend!



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