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The King of Controversy and the Unfriendly Skies OR The Case of Big Foot on the Plane

It's hard to believe that a nice mild-mannered guy like Clay Aiken can get himself into so much trouble. More amazing is that he can seemingly do it in his sleep. There is an AP story making the rounds of an incident that took place his flight from Houston to Tulsa on Saturday morning.

Here is the story as printed:

Clay Aiken involved in airplane spat

08:46 PM CDT on Saturday, July 7, 2007
Associated Press

TULSA, Okla. – Former American Idol singer Clay Aiken was apparently involved in an airplane disturbance with another passenger Saturday while headed to Tulsa International Airport.

The dispute on a Continental Airlines flight occurred between a woman and a man, whom FBI Special Agent Gary Johnson confirmed was a former American Idol contestant.

Aiken, runner-up on the TV talent show in 2003, was headed to Tulsa for a Saturday performance at the Brady Theater. His management could not be reached for comment on the alleged incident.

Johnson said he was told the dispute was over the male passenger's foot resting on another passenger's armrest. He said the disturbance minor.

There was an allegation that the woman gave the male passenger a "minor shove" during the argument, Johnson said.

"At that point the flight crew was able to resolve the situation," he said.

The disturbance occurred Saturday morning, said Tulsa Airport Authority spokeswoman Alexis Higgins. Higgins said the passengers were held until FBI agents arrived to interview them.

No injuries were reported and no arrests were made. The disturbance did not interfere with the flight of the aircraft, Johnson said.

Agents forwarded the results of their investigation to the U.S. Attorney's Office, which declined to file charges, he said.

The AP left out of few pertinent facts such as Mr. Aiken was sleeping at the time. He had his leg crossed and his foot hit the female passenger's arm rest. Okay to be fair, he is tall and he does have big feet, but couldn't she just jostle him awake. No instead, she swatted at him. When he didn't wake up, she started screaming at him and took some swings at him. He woke up disoriented to an assault but gentleman that he is he didn't hit back. (Personally I would have slugged her). Maybe that is what she wanted. I wouldn't be surprised if she was hoping for a scuffle so she could sue him. Clay Aiken didn't press charges against her. I hope the witch woman takes some anger-management before she really hurts someone, and I hope in the future Clay makes sure he sits next to one of his entourage or at least buy the seat next to him.

Of course since Clay Aiken is King of Controversy this story is being picked up on 162 outlets per Google. There must be no other worthy news at the moment. I 'm sure it will make the entertainment shows and hit all the gossip rags. Clay Aiken's name is good for a few hits on a website. It's sad that the whole truth does not get reported, but the whole truth is rather benign and boring. In fact, someone tried to set MSNBC straight, but they deleted the comment trying explain the facts. It must of been the part of faulty agenda-driven journalism they didn't like. More likely is was the truth isn't as interesting as the fiction they have parading as news on that site.

At least Clay Aiken got something out of this latest escapade --more concert banter fodder. He's got a great sense of humor which he needs in the lousy business of being famous. Check out the banter where he talks about his airplane experience at the Tulsa concert the same evening.

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