Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Battle of the Bee Gees Group Medley

Michael Orland told Entertainment Weekly that that this season's Top 6 was the strongest ever (something we hear every single season). "The strongest season ever" mantra must be written into everybody's contract because surely the strongest Top 6 would have some great group medley's. Last night the Top 4 performed a Bee Gees Medley just like they did in Season 2. I think these two videos tell the story on which is the strongest group ever.

You decide.

~AI2 Top 4: Clay, Rube, Kim, Josh~

~AI6 Top 4: Melinda, Jordin, Lakisha, Blake~

No comparison really.

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At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG!! I hadn't really watched this that closely before but Clay really was a dancing fool that episode. He was great and such a gentelman lending a hand to Kim as they came back up on stage. Wow they all sounded soooo much better than the floxim foursome this week. This year is such a snooze fest and would someone please tell me wth was beatbox boy wearing? I think I had one of those faux tuxedo shirts for a halloween party once. huh?



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