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Memories of AI2: Top 6 -- "I Could Not Ask For More" than an Idol like Clay Aiken

Top 6 Week
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April 23, 2003 was Diane Warren week on American Idol 2 with Diane as the guest judge. Clay sang "I Could Not Ask For More" in a black leather jacket. Yum. The night before was the hour-long Halfway Home special which was hosted by Ryan Seacrest. The judges did not appear on this show. Each contestant got their own segment, consisting of a video montage, a short interview with Ryan, and a performance of a song previously done on the series. Clay was on last. In his interview, he discussed his love for teaching and how the show's stylists helped him improve his look. Clay sang "Somewhere Out There" from movie night, this time hitting the last note which he warbled on previously. The show closed with a group sing of "All Night Long".

~Performance of "I Could Not Ask For More"~


Randy: Yo, yo, what's up, dawg, what chu doin', man? Clay, you know what, you know what's funny? I keep thinkin about this contest we're doin', and I think we're tryin' to find the best that we can find in America, an' dude, every week you come up with it, dawg, you're definitely one of the best in America, dawg. Gotta give it up!
Paula: Another wonderful week. Great vocal performance. I really think that the only bit of constructive criticism for you, and I'm not gonna say dance, I promise, is just continue down the path of being truthful to who you are as an artist. Let go and continue. Your voice is the star, and just keep goin', you're a definite contender for the finals.
Diane Warren: Wonderful, Sarah Evans did a great version, Edwin King did a great version, and now Clay did a great version. Beautiful, excellent! I love your voice. Thank you!
Randy: Simon Cowell? You have anything to add?
Simon: Well, I mean, if I, it's, you know, ahhh, blab blab blab blab blab (tongue tangling), if I was gonna give you advice, which you probably wouldn't listen, but anyway, I would say as a Broadway artist, you will make a fortune on the back of this. I just don't see you as what we were looking for originally, which was a great (fans uproar in background), a recording artist. That 's not to say that you haven't got a great talent, you have, but when I was talking about, if I was casting for Phantom of the Opera or something, you'd get the part, and that's not being rude. Because you've got that type voice.
Randy: You talkin' 'bout that show with that mask?
Simon: No, not Mr Personality.
Randy: Oh, right, yeah, yeah, ya not that show .
Simon: But you know what I'm saying. That's why I'm trying to be a bit more constructive this week as to... I don't know what...
Diane: Simon, I have a t-shirt for you...
Randy: Diane has a gift for you, Simon...
Diane: You need to wear this t-shirt...
Randy: Hold that up Simon it's for you...
Simon: (reading shirt) "Sorry, I don't do nice" OK, but well done!

~"Somewhere Out There" Performance on the Halfway Home Show~

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This is one of my favorite Clay Aiken songs. Of course, the list is quite long, LOL!

Thank you again for providing this walk down memory lane from Season 2. What an awesome group of singers!

Have a great day!



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