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Memories of AI2: Top 9 -- No Question of "Everlasting Love"

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April 1, 2003 -- Disco night and the infamous Disco Pants of Perfection. Guest judge of Verdeen White of Earth, Wind, & Fire. Clay sang "Everlasting Love" hitting a note that lasted 14 seconds.

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Judges' comments:
Randy: Yeah, yeah, dawg, Clay, man, see? You know what I'm sayin? That's how you do it, dawg, that's how you do it right there. No matter what it is, you make it your own. That was brilliant dawg.
Paula: Arright, Clay.... you've proven it doesn't matter what genre of music you're singing, your voice is your voice, it's golden, it's golden. And I just was lookin for ya to dance a little...
Clay: hahahaha!
Paula: Butcha didn't. Great job!
Clay: - I need some help on that, yeah.
Verdeen White: Clay, I saw ya backstage this afternoon and you didn't look like you could sing like that. Man, you can sing, you got chops man!
Simon: Simon on his last episode of American Idol... um... First it was a disco genre and I have to say, Clay, if I'm being honest, within the context of this competition, I thought that was terrible.
Paula: booooooo
Randy: what? What you mean dawg?
Simon: Sorry... no no no no no... I'm sorry maybe I'm just missing... maybe I'm missing the plot here. I'm looking for a future superstar and based on that I just didn't get it, sorry, they disagree...
Randy: Don't you think it was the best so far tho?
Paula: Way to go, Clay, way to go!

Perfomances of the Night:
1. Ricky Smith-"Let's Groove Tonight"
2. Carmen Rasmusen- "Turn the Beat Around"
3. Kimberly Caldwell- "Knock on Wood"
4. Clay Aiken- "Everlasting Love"
5. Trenyce- "I'm Every Woman"
6. Ruben Studdard- "Can't Get Enough of Your Love"
7. Kimberley Locke- "It's Raining Men"
8. Joshua Gracin- "Celebration"

Note: Corey Clark did not perform this night due to his arrest coming to light (or because AI decided to pull the scandal of the season card to boost ratings).

~~Performance of "Everlasting Love"~~

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At 3:07 AM, Anonymous Bev said...

I love all your work on this blog, It's great?
Now, you usually type the judges comments after the video but this time I guess you forgot,I enjoy hearing what they said

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Vox Vixen said...

Bev--The judges comments are there.


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