Sunday, March 11, 2007

OMG He Blogged!!!!!!!!!

After over a month of no blog from Clay at the Official Clay Aiken Fan Club , he finally blogs on the eve of DST. I totally missed the excitement of the words "HE BLOGGED" on the message boards, and the subsequent EEEEEEEEing that always ensues. Even though I missed the initial excitement there is nothing like waking up to a Clay Aiken blog. This blog was filled with a lot of information as well as a feeling of Clay was talking to a bunch of his friends.

Here are a few paraphrased points:

  • Clay was sick with a sore throat and stuffy nose.
  • He spent a week in Brazil.
  • He's not fond of 98 degrees with 98% humidity.
  • He's a pasty white boy (who knew *g*)
  • He did not get a sunburn.
  • He loves the Brazilian drink of guaranĂ¡, a sort of naturally-caffeinated soda.
  • He went to a party in NYC for outgoing UNICEF head Chip Lyons.
  • At the party he met the President's daughter, Barbara who he thinks is sweet and beautiful.
  • He feels cool because he now "totally" knows Barbara.
  • Taking a UNICEF trip in early summer which includes his HS social studies teacher.
  • Working diligently on concert dates which includes areas like the west coast and Texas.
  • He has a hankerin' for a Stetson and surfboard. Not necessarily at the same time. *g*
  • He still loves his fans and is looking forward to seeing more of us.
  • His fingers hurt after all that typing (so do mine)
  • Exciting things are in development (YAY)

The cutest thing was that in his excitement, Clay started his first thread with his first post at OFC announcing that he blogged complete with dancing fruit emoticons. He is totally snarking on the fans, but we love him anyway. What a tease.

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At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't seem to say this enough but he just seems soooo normal compared to big stars these days. Especially someone in the music industry which tends to destroy or at the very least diminish a portion of moral character or integrity. He appears so unaffected by his celebrity and so in touch with his softer side even with all of the CRAP that is thrown his way (either directly or indirectly) still to this day.

I love this guy and I hope he maintains this very important sense of balance and wit so he may never lose what we find most ingratiating about him.

Did I mention I love this guy?!!

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He thinks the president's daughter is beautiful, huh? That's funny! I liked the dancing fruit Emoticons! They were adorable! I have to agree with Anonymous above [or below] me, he does seem soooooooo normal compared to everyone else in the lime-light. I mean, he actually cares about people and how they feel! That is so amazing. I love him. I hope he stays the same. Oh, btw...there still aren't any MO tour dates announced Clay! Those need to be announced!!! NOW!


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