Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Kimmel Valentine: The Candy Man Can

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Clay stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Valentine's Day. His second Valentine's Day appearance in three years. I'm hoping it becomes an annual event. Clay received many gifts from the fans including at least $17,000 for his foundation, The Bubel-Aiken Foundation which works for inclusion of children with disabilities into programs for children without. Clay came out bearing gifts for Jimmy: an airbrushed shirt with Clay's face on it (to match the airbrushed Jimmy face on his shirt) and some M&M's inscribed with "Aiken for Kimmel". The segment was rather short, but we did find out that Clay will be taking a UNICEF trip in the next few months, and that he had some dental work done the day before. His two front teeth slanted in so he had them fixed. They look good if not as Clay said himself, "blindingly white".

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Clay also serenaded his fans and Jimmy with a new Valentine's Day song which he made up from a bowl of candy hearts. :) He's quite the lyricist. *g*

Lyrics to A Clay Aiken Original:

The Candy Hearts Song

Love Me
True Love
Fax Me
Got Love
You’re so sweet
Yours forever
You are so sweet I’ve got stage 2 Diabetes
(that’s not gonna work)
Dear one
You’re a tiger
You’re mine

Check out the appearance:

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At 9:56 AM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Love your JKL appearance showcase! Lots of great pictures, info, and video in your recap.

Thnx for another awesome blog entry!


P.S. I agree -- the word is "mine." *g*

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog. He was so cute on Kimmel! Love your highlights from the show. How do you find the time to blog?? I can't even keep up with the boards *g*

GREAT JOB! Loved it!



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