Thursday, December 07, 2006

Clay Aiken Christmas Shows--The Beat Goes On

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~~photo by princessjodita~~

When we started these Christmas with the Symphony concert dates, I thought we would get Clay in a formal longcoat singing reverent Christmas songs. I never that we would get "The Singing Comedian" or "The Comedic Singer". He really is a throwback to an old-time entertainer except he sings much better. *g* Here are a few comedic moments from Merriville, IN.

~Video By Scarlett~

Here is a sampling of thoughts from posters at Clayversity and The Clack House:

"Clay makes singing three-dimensional. He really does. There is a depth and perspective to his singing live that just fills the space in a truly miraculous way. The song goes around and through you and just fills your soul with joy."~~Barnett at CH/CV

"Roll me in flour, sprinkle me with water, and put me in the oven. I'm done. And I'm walking bowlegged. He was that good."~~washgirl at CV

"this voice deserves to be heard in the greatest halls in America, with the best acoustics. He should get the exposure Grobin gets and then some. I think Foster will know how to package his freakish gift and performance genius. Yes, genius, folks. Clay Aiken is a prodigy. Everything GBB said, but after hearing that orchestra of quality behind him tonite, I have to emphasize the VOX and musicality here. I have NEVER heard him sing with such assurance, dynamics, control- I will never get to sleep tonite. I am haunted by the sheer beauty of his voice now. I'm lost, I"m gone."~~Divayenta at CH

"I'm struck by how very very adept Clay is in his ability to maintain that delicate balance between keeping his show interesting for the "seasoned" concert-goers as well as the newbies. He engages the men in conversation. Plays word games. Addresses the tabloids. Calls himself "Controversy Boy" (tm Verona). Talks to the people in the back, middle, front, everywhere in between."~~snarkystripes at CV

"The most rewarding thing was hearing my young male co-worker say he now understood all this (sweeping his hand toward the most enthusiastic section of the audience down front). We're NOT nuts to love Clay. We're lucky!"~~hosaa at CV

"Clay Aiken is a force of nature, and he will prevail. He is coming of age right before our eyes on these JNaT stages, and I am blown away! What a gift, in every sense of the word."~~cindilu at CH

"this man is a born entertainer the likes of which comes around pretty rarely"~~clayamour at CH

"Not only is he comfortable with 'us', I believe it goes a bit deeper. I think he now trusts 'us'. I think Clay finally knows that 'we're' not going anywhere, that 'we' finally know him, not performer Clay, but the man that he truly is, with all his foibles and goofiness and kindness and dorkiness and baggage, and we like him just as he is. No subterfuge, no artifice, just Clay."~~shadylil at CH

"it hit me tonight as I was listening to yet another cellcert where he had the audience alternately splitting their sides with laughter and holding their breath at the sheer power and beauty of his voice. And I was thinking about how he's getting funnier every night and talking more, and finding ways to engage the audience and always finding a comeback and somehow still managing to sound stronger-voiced every night... he's honing his craft. This is who he is as an artist. Singing, chatting, joke-telling, audience-teasing.... he's finding himself as an entertainer. This is who he is. It has zero to do with genres or radio play. And it's what's going to propel him from big star to legend one day."~~GBB at CH

Excellent performance of "All is Well" at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY

~Video by MarlovesClay~

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At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Verona AIW...beautiful, amazing, brought tears to my eyes.
I hadn't seen it yet, so thank you for posting it!



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