Monday, December 04, 2006

All Is Well

Clay Aiken messed up the last glory note of his encore song in Waukegan the night before Merriville. It happens to all singers (who don't lip sync) because no one is perfect all of the time. A gasp was heard over the fandom when it happened when Clay missed a note causing panic and worry about the Vox. Of course, the haters crawled at of the wood work declaring Clay's career over. It's amusing that they are following his career as closely as any diehard fan even downloading clack in the wee hours of the morning along with the ClayNation.

It would have been easy for Clay to readjust his setlist, or at least modify the song, so that the note would not be a problem for him. No one can accuse Clay Aiken of being a wuss (unlike his anonymous haters who sit behind their keyboards immersed in their dark, petty lives).During his encore in Merriville, he modulated and fought to get those notes perfect. You can see the sheer will and determination etched in his face as he plants his feet and let it rip for the glory note. Clay Aiken never takes the easy way out.

~~Going For the Gold~~

Here is recap of the moment from a couple of attendees:

This is going to be one of those moments. One of those moments those of us who were lucky to be here will never forget.

The moment when a huge number of us who had been in Waukegan watched and then cheered endlessly as Clay "No Guts No Glory!" Aiken pulled off his moment of triumph when he nailed the end of "All Is Well".

He couldn't suppress the huge grin that you see in dc4clay's gorgeous photo.

And then he took a bow.

And then he ran his hand through his hair.

And then as we all kept screaming, he raised his arm and celebrated that moment of triumph with us.

Our moment. ~~PermaSwooned at CH/CV

Clay came out with his fingers crossed behind his back and he glanced back at Jesse, then brought his crossed fingers in front of him and looked at us as if to say...well, it was a cross between "Wish me luck!" and "Pleaseohpleaseohplease God, let me nail this!" Everyone all around me was leaning forward, afraid to breathe, almost willing him through it, and you could tell that he knew it. And when the time came, he grabbed the mic stand, planted his feet, squeezed his eyes shut and it just...came out. Wow. It was so gorgeous and so powerful. I heard a lot of gasps, and then everyone simultaneously jumped to their feet, screaming and applauding and jumping up and down (in high heels, no less!). He looked so overjoyed and relieved -- I guess you've probably seen the pictures by now. And we were so happy for him. I don't think I'll ever, ever forget it. Over an hour later, I still have chills.
~~PinkArmchair at CH

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Singing "All I Well" in Merriville

Thoughts on the tour from a fan:

Maybe this tour should be the CCB tour--the Christmas, comedy, and bonding tour. Clay seems to be bonding and solidifying bonds with his fans. He not only seems to have truly accepted that we love him and think he is amazing (and sexy), but he really seems to love us back, to be proud that we are so supportive of him, and to enjoy just chatting and cutting up with his "family" of fans.

There has always been a flow of energy and love from the fans to Clay, and at the best moments of the best concerts, he seems to return that love and energy. Now, that occasional connection seems to be strong and steady, in place, acknowledged, and appreciated. And, from such a powerful connection, comes real magic.~~Brightstar at CV

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At 3:47 PM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Awesome summary of the Merrillville Concert, as well as the before and after shenanigans surrounding one missed note. Wonder what the count would be for all the beautiful, in tune notes preceding this final pitch of the concert?

I am a musician, and I can certainly
remember many notes (solos, entrances, etc.) that I would like back. No one is perfect; but, vocally, Clay Aiken comes about as close as you can get.

Enjoy this week of concerts. I bet Clay will!



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