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Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

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~~Graphic by fountaindawg

Four years ago, we first heard Clay Aiken sing a fantastic rendition of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" in the wildcard round of American Idol 2. In fact it was so good that everyone else competing in the wildcard round came off as a complete amateur. (totally unbiased opinion of course *g*)He looked really beautiful too.
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Here is the performance:

~~Wildcard Night March 4, 2003~~

Transcript of the Judges' Comments:

Paula: Clay, this is what this competition is about, this is what the wild card is about... big fan, I love your hair, you changed your hair...
Clay: a little...
Paula: you raised the bar, we talk about raising the bar ... you've surpassed the bar, you're a star and you've got this confidence about you that is quiet and subtle, that's not intimidating and you welcome everybody in - great job!
Clay: Thank you
Simon: Did you like him?
Paula: You know what - what I'm trying to say -- yeah, I liked ya, a lot.
Randy: Did you really like him, Paula?
Paula: I really did.
Simon: Get off the fence, here, Paula I wasn't sure about that...
Paula: Come back to me on that one...
Simon: OK.... undecided....
Randy: Clay, man, you're lookin fly, you got your look together, you went away, worked, did whatever you did... it was really, really, good, I gotta give you your props, I gotta stand up for ya man... right song for the right guy, did your thing, came back, did your homework, I love that!
Clay: Thank you very much.
Randy: That's what this is about, we hope people will come back and do the work, and I still say, where is that voice coming from?
Paula: It's unbelievable
Randy: God, dude!
Simon: Clay.
Randy: Simon Cowell over here...
Paula: He's in a good mood!
Randy: Cowell, what's up baby.
Simon: Wow. Wow. I was really impressed. And you know what's interesting is... I mean that was a fantastic performance, really, really, fantastic,
Clay: Thank you.
Simon: I think the fact that you don't look like the conventional pop star actually in a way is probably a good thing because you are so memorable, and you're sort of looking better each week....
Randy: Yeah, man...
Simon: it was great,
Clay: Thank you very much.
Simon: really, really, great,
Clay: Thank you very much.
Simon: well done.
Randy: Yeah, yeah, good job, man

The other performances of the night were:

1. Kim Caldwell- "I Feel the Earth Move"
2. Clay Aiken- "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"
3. Nasheka- "Wind Beneath My Wings"
4. Carmen Rasmussen- "Can't fight the moonlight "
5. Olivia Mojica- "Because You Loved Me"
6. Janine Falsone- "We Belong"
7. Chip Days- "Rock With You"
8. Aliceyn Cooney- "Angel"
9. Trenyce- "Let's Stay Together"

Honestly, I don't remember a single one of the other performances. Once Clay sang, it was pretty much over. Nigel Lythgoe did say in an interview once that Clay received 80% of American's vote. I'm not quite sure what was up with the other 20%. *g*

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At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an incredible night. I just knew there was "No stopping him now". He is just amazing!

At 4:19 AM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for such a thorough, well-written celebration of the fourth Wildcard anniversary.

Fountaindawg's graphic is amazing, and your recap is an enjoyable walk down memory lane for Clay Aiken fans.


At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that was an incredible night. Clay gave me so much hope and inspired me not to give up because of that day. Everything happens for a reason and Clay was in that very spot for a reason.
Thanks for taking us down memory lane.


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