Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 8: FieldNotes Update

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On Day 8 of Clay's 10-Day $100,000 Afghanistan Appeal, $161,798.82 has been raised as of 9:00 am this morning. This includes money donated by Canadian fans. A message has been passed on by UNICEF Canada Ambassador Ben Mulroney,

"We were excited to see Clay’s Canadian fans join this campaign with such enthusiasm and generosity," said Ben Mulroney. "Thank you so much to Clay and all his fans for your support!"

Two more days to go. To donate go to the Unicef Afghanistan donation form. Every little bit helps.

~A thank you from Clay~

Clay will also be on Entertainment Tonight on Friday discussing his recent trip to Afghanistan. You can see a video and text of his interview on the ET Website.

Excerpt: "It was interesting," he says. "I was actually in Kabul at the same time DIANE SAWYER was, and she was at a hotel less than a mile away from where we were. We were trying to get together for dinner, but we couldn't because she couldn't leave her hotel and I couldn't leave mine [at night]. That's the situation in Kabul."

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