Friday, January 18, 2008

Clay Aiken on Broadway: This Is The Knight

Opening night is finally here. After much preparation for the role: singing, dancing, acting, piano, interviews, and doing press, it is finally time for Clay to show the world not only does he belong on Broadway, but that Broadway is lucky to have him. Only the best singers are on Broadway, something Simon Cowell never seemed to wrap around his tiny pea-brain. It not the place for wannabe pop stars who can't make it on American Idol. It's for the elite-- the best singers, and the best actors. The performers have to bring it night after night; they have to engage the audience; they have to give a performance like it is the only one they are giving. There is no retake for that particular audience. There is no doubt in my mind, that Clay Aiken will bring it as he always does.

Spamalot is more than singing. In fact, singing is rather secondary to the comedic talents required for this musical. I have no doubt that Clay will shine since he is quite witty and has deft comedic timing. People who only know Clay Aiken the singer or Clay Aiken the humanitarian or Clay Aiken the media punching bag, will be quite surprised at his skill as a comedic actor. Mike Nichols, who has had an illustrious career and knows talent when he sees it, would not have cast him otherwise.


It's been a bonanza of publicity this week with all the press and entertainment shows. Two publicity photos have been released. Here is the first look at Sir Robin:

Clay did a backstage interview and tour for Entertianment Tonight. The YouTube video is below. After watching it one fan said what so many of us are feeling:

"I see a man just brimming with joy, adventure, excitement, and happy anticipation. And beneath that, I see a man at peace. I see someone who is living his dream. Someone who is loved and accepted. I think he's had a warm welcome. I see someone who belongs there. He is simply glowing, and it warms my heart."

Yes, he is and it does.

Last but not least here is Clay Aiken's bio up at the Spamalot Website:

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