Monday, September 22, 2008

Sir Robin Returns

Clay Aiken reprized his role in Spamalot this past weekend to the delight of his fans. After a four-month absence from the role, Clay resumed playing Sir Robin, a prison guard, and Brother Maynard as if he had never left.

Here are a sample of comments made on the message boards:

*He was AMAZING! For only one day of rehearsal the man did everything perfectly. He really looked like he was having the time of his life. I think he really loved being back on stage and seeing the fans. And we definitely showed him the love!
*It was so great being back at the Shubert and just being there and seeing everyone again felt like coming home. Clay has brought this family together and it was so amazing to have a reunion tonight and have everyone back together again. This is only the beginning! The next 4 months are going to be amazing!!
*He looked so happy on stage. It struck me at the very beginning and throughout the show how happy the other castmates were. Especially, Rick, Tom, Chris and some of the ensemble who were with Clay the last time. I felt again that the entire cast was enjoying the enthusiasm that the Clay fans had...not just for Clay but all of them. As each of the old cast members hit the stage, there was great was wonderful. I noticed that Clay spent a good deal of time looking at the audience as her performed. It was as if he was making eye-contact with his fans.
*Just being there again last night was magical! I've seen this show from the orchestra, the mezzanine and in SRO..... last night we chose the balcony . Let me say that it really doesn't matter where you are sitting because the excitement Clay brings to this show just fills the theater!!!
*Still flying from seeing Clay last night. It was what I reconnect with Clay. It was good for the soul. It reminded me why I am here. When his face peeked out of that tower it was just a giddy feeling...almost close to that feeling I had at AI 2 at the concert when I was just...he is real...he is really really real...I think though this time it was he is here again...he is really really here again.
*As I entered the Shubert, the feeling of 'coming home' was overwhelming!!!! Seeing so many familiar faces in the audience, the smiles, the hugs, the hellos were like a warm blanket you could wrap yourself in.
*The house was electric before the show and afterwards in the alley. I think the cast feeds off that energy...and Clay brings so much to the show...his IT his adds that spark...that magic that makes Broadway at times an experience that can soar.
*Finally, the play started and we held our collective breath until that magical moment when Clay appeared in the tower... and Lord, what a moment!!! The cheering was deafening and would have gone on forever had it not been for the orchestra striking up King Arthur's song who bravely went ahead and started singing above the cheering... To our credit, we did quiet down...
*If there truly is heaven on earth, it can be found at the Shubert Theater from now until January 4th.
*It was also rewarding to hear the cheers that Rick, Tom and David got when they made their first entrances. I respect them so much and appreciate their talents immensely. Again, it was like seeing family again...albeit a Broadway Show Family....when they each walked out on stage in their roles that had grown so near and dear to me. I had a huge smile on my face as each one of them appeared on stage. They were as marvelous as ever.

So it sounds like a like a good time was had by all. *g*

Here's wonderful montage made by sueru to commemorate Clay's opening night.

~Nights in White Satin sung by the Moody Blues~

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At 5:43 AM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Besides a wonderful slide show and montage, your blog provides recaps that don't make major media but represent the close observations and interesting insights that only fans detect and report.

Thank you for your kind comments in the current Carolina entry.

Have a super week!



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