Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cookies for Dollars

Nominate the National Inclusion Project for the a cash prize in the Christie Cookie $25,000 Charity Giveaway. The most nominated charity will receive a check for $10,000. The runner-up wins $5,000, and the next 10 will receive $1,000 each.

One vote per email address. Vote with as many e-mail addresses that you have at your disposal.

Go to the drop down menu and search for National Inclusion Project. Fill out remaining fields and hit submit. You will get a 'thank you for voting' message.

Nominations must be submitted on or before October 15, 2009. The winning charities will be announced in November 2009. One vote per email address.

Currently, the Top 20 charities are:
Updated: 9/20/2009 / 05:55 CST
1. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Lenexa, KS 8751
2. Young Singers Foundation Tulsa, OK 8566
3. Ronald McDonald House Winston-Salem, NC 3717
4. United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Pittsburgh, PA 3518
5. Child Advocacy Center Murfreesboro, TN 3452
6. Kyle David Miller Foundation Golden, CO 3383
7. Liz Logelin Foundation Minnetonka, MN 3324
8. Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance Silver Spring, MD 2473
9. Franklin's Charge/Franklin Battlefield Franklin, TN 2373
10. Miriam's Promise Nashville, TN 2269
11. Camp Rap-A-Hope Mobile, AL 2246
12. National Inclusion Project Raleigh, NC 1854
13. High Hope Inc. Brentwood, TN 1566
14. National Autism Association Nixa, MO 1501
15. NBIA Disorders Association El Cajon, CA 1431
16. Saddle Up Franklin Nashville, TN 1281
17. Ronald McDonald House of Nashville, TN 1271
18. Hope 4 Africa West Des Moines, IA 1254
19. C.O.L.E.'s Foundation 1169
20. A Place to Bark Portland, TN 1047

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At 5:48 PM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for an excellent blog about the Christie Cookie Charity Giveaway and the reasons Clay Aiken fans are gathering votes so the National Inclusion Project wins a cash prize!

Have an awesome week!


At 1:31 PM, Blogger Ashes said...

hi Allegra,

Here's to Clay Aiken's National Inclusion Project coming in a position for a donation.
Christie's Cookies look like they are yummy!

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...

P.S. LOL, I'm glad to know I wasn't dreaming!

Here's to a successful campaign for the National Inclusion Project in the Christie Cookies Charity Giveaway! Go, Clay Aiken fans!

Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger CLAYCOLOMBIA said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog. And forgive me for repeating my above post, but had problems whenever I was about writing it and I thought that I had not made well



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