Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cover Me

RCA has hit upon the perfect marketing plan. Use an album cover that screams "YOU WANT ME! BUY ME! BUY EIGHT! TAKE ME HOME!"

Walmart was the first to post the cover of Clay's new album.

It's been fun reading some of the reactions in the fandom to the cover. Here's a sampling:
  • I am cracking up here re-reading Clay's blog about the photoshoot and he said something like, what is an album of love songs without some romantic pictures and to me that doesn't scream romance as much as it oozes S-E-X and in this case they are not one in the same.
  • Who wouldn't want eight of those? Or ten? Or a thousand? Kinda gives "a thousand days, a thousand nights are not enough" a whole new meaning, wouldn't you say???
  • I can just see the double takes when people walk by the CD racks. "That can't be Clay Aiken...can it????" Oh yeah, it's going to sell!!
  • RAWRRRR!!!!
  • YUM. Just perfect. I want more of him...now!
  • Track listing?????OH you mean.... he sings??????
  • Ah, Library Boy. In less than 35 days, I'll have my hands on you. I might even listen to your music..cover to cover.
  • Romance? The man said they were going for romance with this photo shoot? Was he kidding? 'Cause romance isn't the word I'd use for that picture. More like S.E.X.JT's CD might be called "Sexyback"; but he ain't got nothin' on "Library boy"... I can't stop drooling
  • OMG, if there EVER in the history of the universe, was a MONEY SHOT, that one really defines it. He won't have to sing a note. Put 'em up on the shelves and watch 'em sell.... Cool, classy, casual, chic, confident, in control of his surroundings. Am in love!
  • The heck with a thousand different ways... I'll take him just.like.that!
  • I want to wallpaper my house with this album cover.
  • EVERYTHING about that cover is PERFECT!!!!
  • They say a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words...well, that Picture is Worth a Million CD Sales!

You get the idea---a rousing success. Is it September 19th yet?

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At 5:03 PM, Blogger Diamond said...

That CD cover is the hottest Clay pic of all time. *sigh* I think I'll buy multiple copies just so I can have extras of that pic. Do you think the OFC will be selling poster sizes so I can hang one over my bed?? *g*


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