Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Handshake to Remember

Clay has always had a special connection with his fans. One of the things that he does to thank them for their support is the handshake line (sometimes called The Bus Line) after his concerts unless circumstances prevent it. One line this summer was over 1000 people long. It might be a quick touch, but it's become a tradition for fans to wait after the concert. It's just one more thing that strengthens the bond between Clay and his fans.

Be sure to check out the excellent busline video after the poster comments.

Some busline thoughts:

Posted by Pink Armchair about Columbus:

The bus line. Oh, God, what an amazing experience. A perfect understanding between Jerome and probably a thousand people. I am so impressed with him after seeing how effortlessly he directed us, and with such good humor. And I have enormous respect for Clay for making this kind of effort for the fans.

Posted by katt45 about Columbus:

My bus experience: I read somewhere between 2500 to 3000 that's right 3000 people stayed for the quick meet and greet at the buses. I know it was a whole lot more than 300. I would guess this similar to the first concerts in Cleveland at the buses. It was an amazing group. They were 10 to 12 deep around the buses. Jerome and the other security guards all kept shaking their heads, noone left. It took about an hour before they started getting the line ready. The line went around the building and I don't really know how far around the building because we stood on the edge of the sidewalk early on when it became apparent that's what was going to happen, so this huge crowd around the bus had to walk up a long hill and get in line. I heard estimates of a mile long line. I know we waited for about 15 minutes after we heard screams or it seemed that long and then suddenly he was was sweet, I think he looked good but I couldn't tell you what he had on, I went blind. lol I still felt him touch my hand with both of his, and even now that gives me chills and makes me smile.

Posted by GBB about Asheville:

The busline was a trip. You've already heard how it circled the entire perimeter of the courtyard and then some. Because of my back I couldn't stand for an hour or more while I waited for Clay to come out, so I walked to the fountain in the center of the courtyard to sit until Jerome started the preliminaries. I parked myself next to a very chatty frog (I believe you all met him on the cellcert) and just enjoyed the evening. I'm not sure I can express the feeling of sitting under the stars on a beautiful night, listening to the night sounds and watching this enormous group of fans wait patiently against the backdrop of the Biltmore. It was beautiful and a little surreal. Also waiting patiently were the 20 or so busses that would be used to transport everyone back to the parking lots after the busline was over. When we'd gotten on the busses earlier in the evening we'd asked if they would still be runing after the busline since it could take an hour or two after the concert. "Oh yes," the woman replied, "We've already been told all about that. We'll wait." And they did.

From Love of My Life about San Diego:

I stood directly across from the Japanese girls in the bus line. It was such a treat to watch them experience their first handshake! It doesn’t matter where we’re from or what language we speak….when Clay touches our hand we all have the same universal reaction! They EEEEE’d and SQUEEE’d and and hugged and acted all fangirly!

From xxx4clay about San Diego:

After the concert, and it is busline time! For reasons unknown to me, canuck apparently thought we would meet and discuss whether we would stay for the "line." I mean really, what is there to discuss?

We waited a long time for Clay as he had other obligations which meant there was time to meet and greet other CVers. I was tha-rilled to meet ilbun who had traveled a very long way, and the delightful SmartyPantsSuz, the special Clay's#1star, and mucho other people too numerous to mention. I never did find susandavis, gareem, or lovethatguy that night. Do you think they stayed in the porta potties all that time? Were other CVers avoiding me by hiding there too? I'd rather not think about that… hurts too much…

Finally Jerome had the line sorted to his satisfaction (anyone think Jerome entertains himself by making us move?) and it was Claytime. Clay moved through that line at the speed of light but he still took time to slowly stroke both of my hands. You may not remember but Clay's hands and my hands have a long term relationship that began back in Williamsport last Christmas. The relationship continued to grow that night. I'm pretty sure he loves me…


Here is an excellent montage made from the Orlando Concert handshake line (by Dreamlarge):


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