Monday, January 26, 2009

Golfing for Inclusion

Hot off the presses pictures from the golf course at Mirasol Country Club where The Bubel-Aiken Foundation is holding their second annual Golfing for Inclusion. First up golf, then dinner, an auction, and a performance by Clay in the early evening.

Clay is traveling around on a golf cart visiting with the golfers and taking group pictures. Stay tuned for more reports and hopefully some performance video.


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At 1:08 PM, Anonymous kimfreeuk said...

CAnt wait to see the pictures - he looks sooo cool in golfing clothes! I hope he raises a bunch of money through the charity event!

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Ashes said...

Awwe, isn't he cute!! Lucky golf cart to have him so close :)

At 2:07 PM, Blogger Ashes said...

Gosh he's cute! Lucky golf stuff to have Clay go close :)

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Chardonnay said...

Love the first pic!

**note to self** Florida...January...2010.

At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics! He's so cute!

At 7:27 AM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Great photos from the GFI! Clay seems to be trying to figure out what that golf cart is all about. *g*

However, put a mic in his hand, and he's the best!


At 10:03 AM, Anonymous leah said...

I hope this was a big success for Clay's foundation despite the countrys economic problems . The BAF has helped a lot of kids .


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