Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Gala Auction: Treasures for the Clay Aiken Fan

Fans had fun bidding on the many desirable Clay Aiken related items that were up for auction at the 2008 Champions for Change Gala that was held in Raleigh on Oct 18th. The items included the Spamalot Broadway Cares Bear (pictured left) that was signed by both Clay and the original Sir Robin, David Hyde Pierce. The item that created the most frenzy was a the leather jacket worn by Clay during the Juke Box Tour in the summer of 2005. It went for the hefty price of $55,000.Clay said the Gala made $207,000 , not including the silent auction or the raffle. Congratulations to The Bubel Aiken Foundation on a job well done.

Here are some the items auctioned off:

Voice Mail Message $3700
Kimmel Bust $2700
Juke Box Tour Leather Jacket $55,000
Concert Stool $5300
Wango Tango Shirt $21,000
Someone Else's Star Shirt $28,000
Spamalot Bear $31,000
Celine Dion Concert Package which includes watching the concert with Clay $26,000
New York Gift Package including dinner and dessert with Clay (and friend) $36,000

~YouTube: Auction of the JBT Jacket~


Not to lose the message of the foundation amidst all fun, here is Clay's opening speech about the foundation and the importance of inclusion:

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At 5:19 PM, Blogger Chardonnay said...

I would have paid WAY more than that for his stool...

And I can't watch that speech enough! What a terrific guy! What an amazing man!


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