Friday, October 17, 2008

Spamalot Stage Door Fashion

It's always fun to see what Clay will wear when he greets the fans at the stage door after a show. Clay tends to comfort and quirky choices for his everyday wear. One could say that the fashion and style gene was left out of his gay coding. *g* Who knows, because one person's style is another person's horror show. I love hoodies myself, but grandpa vests (even ridiculously expensive and trendy ones) not so much.

Judge for yourselves from a selection of photos taken over the last several weeks at the stage door:

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At 7:27 PM, Blogger Chardonnay said...

He is too cute. And I agree that the dressing, for the most part, is pretty much fugly. But gosh, he still looks so very snuggly in each and every one. lol


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