Sunday, February 01, 2009

This Magic Moment

Right now Clay is off doing who knows what--spending some time with his son, working on his career, working on UNICEF, working on TBAF, getting some R&R, all of them, some of them. In the meantime, we have the memories to tide us over. Here are some fan favorites--the most magic of them all:

  • Opening Night, First Time Ever, Rock Star Mystery Entrance on Kyrie!!!--Feb 24, 2004 - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Coliseum.
  • Standing in a GIANT circle in the dark for the bus line in San Diego while Clay and Jerome walked around the inside of the circle and everyone stayed in place and waited their turn.
  • Clay talking to the audience, "...because God forbid the Clack skip around. Yeah, I know your words".
  • Magical Clay moment was singing "Measure of a Man" to him in Wilkes Barre, PA.
  • During the American Idol concert, the jumbotron had stuff going on before the show and every time Clay's name or picture or a song came up the audience went totally nuts.
  • Singing Beautiful Star of Bethlehem to his grandpa in Raleigh during the JNT.
  • The night in Sterling Heights when Clay and Quiana sang "Listen".
  • Magical moment for me was when I watched him sing "Good News" live at San Diego JNT2. He was standing 10 feet directly in front of me, and to watch him go to that special place when he sings to God, well, it was almost ethereal. I'll never forget it.
  • Magical but scary moment was JNT on Long Island. Day one of three shows with vertigo. Watching him grip that stool and stagger off stage showed the true Measure of a Man.
  • When Clay walked out on stage at Toms River for the first Juke Box Tour concert. I don't know if it was as much magical as mind blowing. It really took a few seconds to really believe that the guy with the black leather jacket strutting out there was really Clay Aiken.
  • Singing "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" at the Beacon Theatre at one of the JNT concerts. So sensual and sultry...
  • Clay’s final Spamalot performance on May 4, 2008 when Clay was spotted on the balcony.
  • All is Well...Merrillville...the whole audience just sat there holding its collective breath and when he hit the note...I have never heard a roar of applause like that in my definitely was a once in a lifetime moment.
  • "The First Noel" at the Beacon Theater on the Sunday performance. The Aiken Random Lyric Generator kicked in... he covered it up with an amazing grace and power....and we applauded...and he looked like the cat who ate the canary. He usually stopped pringing and the reading would start up again...but this time he couldn't recover...and we just gave him the love...and he took it all in...and sent love to us...and we sent love to him....closed circle.
  • Singing "I Can't Make You Love Me" at Clio when the audience was so silent and he sang the full song for the first time.
  • When Clay sang "Right Here Waiting" at the Gala in Raleigh.
  • Many fans singing "Faith has conquered fear" with Clay at the Raleigh Gala
  • When Clay sang Lover All Alone in Rochester NY. We could hear his amazing voice and the pouring rain.
  • When he appeared on Good Morning America the morning that Measure of a Man was released - he looked so gorgeous, sang so beautifully and he was so full of hope.
  • When Clive presented him with his MOAM double platinum award on GMA. What an incredible moment for him and for his fans as well. That was a moment of pure joy and happiness. Someone wrote on the boards that day - "this was his confetti moment, the moment he was cheated out of on the AI2 finale." And it truly was.
  • The moment I'll never forget was when Clay signaled to Jamie to come help him up from the stool at the Long Island JNaT. He truly left it all on the stage with us, and could not even stand up on his own to walk off. That was....well, it just defies description.
and my favorite magic moment
  • The first (non-paparazzi) picture we had of Clay with his newborn son. It's wasn't the best picture of Clay since People airbrushed the living daylights of the picture--not a freckle in sight--but the sight of Clay as a Dad knowing how much he wanted that was one of my very favorite moments.
Here is a little pictorial of the moments fans consider magical:

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At 5:40 PM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Awesome walk down memory lane! Thank you for including the pictorial history, too.

Have a wonderful week!


At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful slideshow!! I love all those pictures. Great memories! Thank you!

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Ashes said...

Allegra, I love this blog, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to clack I am able to see and hear all these magic moments.

I remember "Breath for me Honey"!

Thanks for the memories, and for your visits to me :)

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous musicfan said...

I love your list of magic moments. Every one is special and important!!

Thank you for this great blog!


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