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Sing a Song (or Fourteen)

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Sony Music Store has A Thousand Different Ways for preorder. It's a bit more expensive than Amazon, but you get a nifty Clay Aiken Magnet for your fridge or as some would say, "EBay Gold" since it is a limited item. If you would like to listen to the song snippets on the album, please watch the following montage which has some pretty pictures as a bonus.

Montage created by Brandilyne using the snippets of songs on A Thousand Different Ways:

Speaking of Amazon, the sales ranking has remained strong since it went up for preorder on 8/3 considering the promotion has not kicked into high gear.

Daily Amazon Sales Ranking
Aug 04 #1
Aug 06 #1
Aug 08 #1
Aug 09 #2
Aug 10 #2
Aug 11 #2
Aug 12 #4
Aug 13 #4
Aug 14 #7
Aug 15 #10
Aug 16 #8
Aug 17 #8
Aug 18 #7
Aug 19 #7
Aug 20 #7
Aug 21 #10
Aug 22 #10
Aug 23 #9
Aug 24 #10
Aug 25 #8
Aug 26 #10
Aug 27 #11
Aug 28 #12
Aug 29 #11

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Clay's Daily Double and demeter, the Keeper of the Amazon charts at Clayversity for the Amazon stats.

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Since its release, there have been varying opinions of the tracklist . Many fans who had qualms about the tracklist were pleasantly surprise at the overall sound of the CD. Songs that were not necessarily anticipated became favorites, and songs that were looked forward to were overshadowed by others. I believe even the fans most disappointed in the tracklist found something to like. From reading the boards, I get the impression the majority of fans are happy with the CD even if covers was not originally what they wanted. I know I wanted some great original songs, but the CD is what it is, and no one can sing the schnitz of songs like Clay Aiken. He has the way of making songs seem better than the original, at least to me.

There were many wonderful posts pertaining to the CD, what it means to Clay, or what it means to us. Here is a sampling from some of our wonderful writers which were written before we heard the snippets.

"I don’t know what Clay will do with this material, or how the pacing and the production might help or hinder it. I do know that Clay Aiken is an artist still in the beginning phases of his career but one who has touched on moments of brilliance again and again.
He is just three years down the road, but he has changed and he has grown.This album is not his destination. It is a single step along the route that he travels.It could be a comforting way station or an unexpected vista found on his musical travels or it may be a place he regrets having visited.
And if a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, how much better that he takes that step instead of standing frozen in inaction, fearful of what might lie ahead.
I hope that Clay steps forward boldly. It is for him, not for me, to define what is bold, what is right, what is best."~~berkleylovesourclay at the ClackHouse

"I am at peace with this now, It's who he is. He's not a rocker although he can rock. And he's not edgy, even though he wears titanium balls,. heh He's a realllyreallly good singer who loves to sing and perform and have women squee at him. He will rock out a concerts, but this CD reflects his "lane", his vision. I'd bet on it".~~aginghippee at the ClackHouse

"There are no mistakes on this album. Every song is there for it’s own reason. If there are songs on the album that you don’t like, that’s okay, that song is not for you at this point in time, but it may have a life changing impact on someone who needs it. Music is powerful and can be a vehicle to transport a much needed message to someone who needs to hear it, in that format, at a specific point in time, for the message to really get through."~~Raffine at the Clayboard

"I have seen him make gold from straw. I've seen him rise up again and again when critics, cronies, media, fans, and foes have doubted, attacked, or ignored him. He's strong, smart, and gifted. I believe that whether Clay Aiken chose or did not choose all or even some of the material on this album that he will throw all he has and all he doesn't even know yet that he has into the execution of it. That's the kind of talent he is and the kind of man he is. There's nothing half-hearted about him. If everything was completely his choice or if he doesn't yet have that kind of controlling power, he will take ownership of the project and will live it to the fullest, come what may".~~00lsee at the ClackHouse

" ATDW is just a point in time in Clay’s career. A very early point in time. He really did just begin this journey 3 years ago, you know. He is searching, learning, improvising, trying new things, working with what he is given. Just as I did. His career is only starting to take form. I think his career, like mine, will not be a step by step progression. He will move through his challenges as most of us do, making choices, learning new things, building the “tapestry” of his music. He may make some mistakes but even so called mistakes are a part of what will make him whole. I’m sure in my career others perceived some of my choices as mistakes, while I never did. They were just choices that helped me learn. My career was never static and I don’t think Clay’s will be either.

I say this because there is no doubt in my mind that Clay will have a long and successful career in music. With his voice, how could he not? It really is early days yet. Clay has only begun to weave his tapestry. I may not like some of his choices but, if so, I’ll just move on to the next. I’ll relax, enjoy the parts I love, and know that he is ever growing and changing, joining small parts of his world together into what will some day be a whole. And I get to watch. How fortunate for me!"~~xxx4clay at Clayversity

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At 2:41 PM, Blogger Carolina Clay said...


Great blog! I love reading the opinions of fans -- both new and those of us who have been following Clay for the duration. I think ATDW is going to be awesome.

Thnx for assembling the Amazon daily rankings and including Brandilyne's montage, which is really special.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Clay Aiken Street Team said...

Attention ladies (and gentlemen) in case you haven't already, please join Myspace and if you are already a member, please add Clay Aiken to your Myspace -

Please also visit Music Choice: and request that they play Clay Aiken's new music. They seem to get ahold of music earlier than most and they are listened to in over 300 countries alone.

Remember, we love Clay Aiken and he loves us. Let us share his beautiful voice and message with the world, as he has shared it with us.

At 7:57 AM, Blogger geni said...

hey, this is a great clay site. thanks for visiting my new blog. i would list yours in the "other blogs" column if i knew how to do it. a little help?

it's just me, geni


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