Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soft Rock and a Hard Place

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On July 4th, Clay Aiken embarks on his seventh solo tour at the Frisco Freedom Fest in North Texas. Yes in just a little over a week, Mr. Aiken will be breathing my air. It's a long time coming since he has not toured in Texas since the Fall of 2004. Clay has dubbed the summer tour "Soft Rock and a Hard Place" because it will be like a soft rock tour. He'll be singing with local symphony's on his various stops supporting his last CD "A Thousand Different Ways". Even though he has described his CD as "chill", Clay will no doubt bring a lot of energy to his concert as he always does. In fact, he blogged that he has had his musical director, Jesse Vargas, rearrange songs to include strings and horns. There will also be a surprise walk down memory lane that he seems excited to spring on his fans. No two Clay Aiken tours or even shows within the same tour are alike. That's an element that makes it so fun for many fans to see more than one show. In fact, I know someone who is going to twelve shows this summer.

The first show might be a little different since it is not only Fourth of July, but also part of an event that includes a soccer game, the concert, and the fireworks. Most of the venues are smaller and more intimate with an audience of Clay Aiken fans. This venue is a stadium that will be a mix of soccer fans, Clay Aiken fans, and families there for the fireworks. It should be an interesting evening. I'll report on the festivities since I'll be there.

A quote about Clay's voice from someone who should know:
In December I performed with Clay Aiken for his Joyful Noise tour which showcased selections from his best selling album, Clay Aiken, Merry Christmas With Love. I never really watched An American Idol, but Clay, billed as America's favorite runner-up, was the pop singer with the best vocal technique I have ever worked with. Every note was as pure as the gold in his records! ~~Victoria Lynn

~~Clay in Concert~~

Thanks to some of ClayNation's finest photographers for the concert photos

For a list of stops on the Summer Tour, visit

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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Some men are fathers biologically, and some men just ARE

“Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad”

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Hobnobbing with The Guvonator

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It was a nice surprise to wake up this morning to find out that Clay and David Foster were the entertainment for Governor Schwarzenegger’s Trade Mission to Canada event at the Stanley Park Pavillion in Vancouver last night. A description of what the event entailed is at this link:

Governor Schwarzenegger is leading a trade mission to Canada from May 29 - May 31. The purpose is to promote California trade and tourism, discuss ways of reducing the effects of climate change to boost economic growth and explore creative ways to finance infrastructure.

We know Clay sang "Solitaire" from this following News clip. The question remains as to what other songs were performed. We may never know unless an attendee can be found. I wouldn't put it past the Clay fans. They are nothing if not resourceful.

~News footage of the California Innovation reception~

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