Sunday, February 25, 2007

Talk The Talk

"The only possible form of exercise is to talk, not to walk." ~~Oscar Wilde

Last week, Clay played talk show host when he appeared on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. His last foray into talk show hostdom didn't end very well since Ms Ripa chose to blow the "hand-over-mouth" incident out of all proportion. This time Clay was hosting with two people who genuinely seemed to like and respect him. In fact, Juliet seemed very comfortable with Clay, calling him Bud, Aiken, and Babe several times. She mentioned twice that Clay can come back and host with her when Mike is away. For her reward, she got a nice hug out the deal. Not bad. Mr. Aiken does know how to give a nice bear hug. Not a bad way to end a successful hosting gig. Mike was also very complementary toward Clay calling him "a natural". Clay did make it appear that he had been doing the job for years. I doubt most people would know he was a beginner. He seemed more secure than when he co-hosted Live with Regis and Kelly. I am sure his co-hosts set the stage for a rewarding experience for all. There were no nasty digs, no hogging the camera, no not letting the co-host get a word in edgewise. If this was some sort of audition, I think Clay must have passed with flying colors thanks to both Mike and Juliet.

Here are some of the highlights from the show for me:
  • Wore a yummy tan coat for the outside segments.
  • Handled the "Ripa incident" with class and humor when Mike brought it up.
  • Loved the interaction with Mike and Juliet, especially Juliet.
  • Loved that UNICEF was brought up and we found out there would be a trip in April
  • Loved the camouflage ... Where did the box go?" bit!
  • Love the thong interaction with Juliet and the "Be careful. This is live TV" from Clay.
  • Loved the intelligent way Clay interacted with the guests during the Anna Nicole segment. He was both smart, serious, and funny...a heady combination.
  • His teeth looked great. *g*
  • Loved seeing Mr. Aiken on my TV for an hour.

    ~First Half of The Morning Show~

    Note: The second half will posted when it is uploaded on YouTube.

    ~Cute video of Clay dancing (slo-mo) with Juliet set to "I Can't Help Myself"~

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  • Saturday, February 17, 2007

    A Kimmel Valentine: The Candy Man Can

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    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Clay stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Valentine's Day. His second Valentine's Day appearance in three years. I'm hoping it becomes an annual event. Clay received many gifts from the fans including at least $17,000 for his foundation, The Bubel-Aiken Foundation which works for inclusion of children with disabilities into programs for children without. Clay came out bearing gifts for Jimmy: an airbrushed shirt with Clay's face on it (to match the airbrushed Jimmy face on his shirt) and some M&M's inscribed with "Aiken for Kimmel". The segment was rather short, but we did find out that Clay will be taking a UNICEF trip in the next few months, and that he had some dental work done the day before. His two front teeth slanted in so he had them fixed. They look good if not as Clay said himself, "blindingly white".

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    Clay also serenaded his fans and Jimmy with a new Valentine's Day song which he made up from a bowl of candy hearts. :) He's quite the lyricist. *g*

    Lyrics to A Clay Aiken Original:

    The Candy Hearts Song

    Love Me
    True Love
    Fax Me
    Got Love
    You’re so sweet
    Yours forever
    You are so sweet I’ve got stage 2 Diabetes
    (that’s not gonna work)
    Dear one
    You’re a tiger
    You’re mine

    Check out the appearance:

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    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    A Visit to Good Morning America

    Clay recently visited Good Morning America. His primary reason for his appearance was to discuss UNICEF, specially their Yahoo! Answers awareness campaign. Unfortunately, too much time was devoted to American Idol, but I guess that is the price Clay has to pay for getting his start on that show.

    Watch the interview:

    Don't miss Clay's visit to Jimmy Kimmel on Feb. 14th.

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