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A Possible Dream: Let All Play

A Must-Read article:

Caregiving: Clay Aiken to expand camps

ALBANY, N.Y., July 31 Long before appearing on Fox's "American Idol" in 2003, Clay Aiken had a dream that did not involve being a pop star.

As a YMCA camp counselor, it saddened him that children with developmental disabilities had to be turned away from not only the fun of camp, but from the experience of being with other children, and he promised himself that this was something he would try to change.

"American Idol," several hit tours and 4.3 million album sales later, the pop star announced earlier this month that his dream is becoming a reality with the goal of raising $1 million to expand the Bubel/Aiken Foundation's "Let ALL Play" initiative so that 100 camps in 2008 would become inclusive to children with special needs.

It's simple concept really, but all too often, special needs children are excluded from everyday activities like swimming, arts and crafts, games, community service and physical fitness programs.

"It's an ambitious goal and it will be a challenge -- 100 camps and $1 million dollars in less than one year -- but we are about 20 percent of the way to that goal," Jerry Aiken, executive director of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, told UPI's Caregiving. "But we also have a fan base with a tremendous amount of experience and strong passion for this issue -- we have close to 1,000 volunteers -- working with the foundation and we have been listening to them and they have some great ideas."

Jerry Aiken, Clay Aiken's uncle on his mother's side, held senior level positions at Nortel Networks, TRW and Fujitsu Network Communications, before coming to the foundation in May.

"I was told of a parent with a child with special needs and on the first day of camp the parent is coaxing the child to get out of the car and give camp a try, but a couple of days later the child can't wait to get to camp and is running inside -- when you hear these stories you see the value -- the self-worth element -- of inclusion," said Jerry Aiken.

"There was a 8-year-old child with autism, who was diagnosed at age 2 and he attended a YMCA camp this summer -- his vocabulary before the camp was about two words and after attending camp it jumped to 11 words -- that's huge."

There are several things currently in the works to raise funds, including working with a number of companies to gain sponsorship and there will be a celebrity version of the TV show on Fox's "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader" that may offer us some opportunities as well, according to Jerry Aiken.

In addition, Jerry Aiken, a golfer, is working toward a golf tournament tentatively scheduled in Florida this year or in early 2008.

"I play golf and I have encouraged Clay to take it up, but golf takes a commitment and at the moment he doesn't have the time for golf, but he would be at the golf tournament," Jerry Aiken said.

The foundation is working with established camp programs such as the YMCA or other qualified American Camp Association members by providing financial support plus a detailed camp manual, training and ongoing assistance -- most of the funds that we raise cover training, additional counselors, equipment/supplies as well as a camp scholarships if required, according to Jerry Aiken.

"We stress to the camps they should not significantly change their program; the 'Let's ALL Play' manual and the training is about developing the camp team to provide a typical camp experience."

There is tug of war in pedagogy and psychological circles on how to best challenge the special needs child and the typical child so both experience optional challenges, according to Dr. Larry Lachman, a licensed clinical psychologist at Chapman University in Monterey, Calif.

"If either the special needs child, or the typical child does not get enough stimulation, it won't work," Lachman told UPI's Caregiving.

"Assuming the staff/counselors are trained in special needs, that the design of the program is appropriate and the typical children have the emotional maturity so they do not tease, this can be a highly beneficial experience and broaden the skill sets of both sets of children -- it sets the bar higher for all the children and opens everyone's eye to seeing something from a different point of view."

I saw things from a different point of view after I heard Clay Aiken in an interview several years ago with Diane Sawyer of ABC News. He said what made him passionate about being a special education teacher was the challenge -- the puzzle -- and how to figure out ways to help unlock the world so that a special needs child could connect and function better.

At the time, I was experiencing the "distancing" of friends of mine and friends of my father who treated the news of my father's Alzheimer's disease as if it was leprosy. I never heard from them again.

But thinking about dementia as a challenge, as a puzzle that can be solved, bit by bit, instead of giving up, made a big difference for me. It's certainly not the message I got from traditional healthcare.

So I understand why Clay Aiken's fan base is more than just the usual pop star fan base of teens -- many of his fans are caregivers -- who appreciate the message of inclusion.

In an era when many men in their 20s are only passionate about video games or have nothing else on their minds than perfecting their backhand, Clay Aiken talking about inclusion of those with special needs is enormously attractive to women of all ages, so I can understand why his fans are so devoted and why the foundation has such ambitious plans.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Summer Tour: Sterling Heights

Clay's tour had a stop in Sterling Heights, MI on July 23rd at the Freedom Hill Amphitheatre. The Sterling Heights concert was a visual feast for all--attendees, and online fans who got to view some excellent pictures and video. Clay wore his the stunning royal blue shirt/lowrider jeans outfit(with a black jacket that fortunately came off) of the People photoshoot. He is filling it out a bit better these days, but as someone once texted him after the AMA's, "the weight looks good on you". *g*

Fan Recap Highlights:

From luckiest at the CH:
We quickly decided that every song needed a standing ovation because he was in spectacular voice and the sound system was just awesome. The beginning of "I Want to Know What Love Is" was funny because he sang the first line and then didn't sing the second line, and then said to Angela "oh, for some reason I thought you were going to sing it". I think he sang another line looking at her and then Quiana started to sing, and he did a little jump as though he was surprised and turned to face her. They wailed on it, as usual. He started talking, saying hello to Michigan, etc, and then he jumped off the stage and started singing while walking right up the outer aisle beside us, in an obvious attempt to have us not have to look directly into the sun to see him. I thought it was such a sweet thing to do, although I realized that the other side of the venue was probably pissed. He sat himself on the ledge of a wooden platform probably about 10 - 15 rows above us, and said he was going to stay there until the sun went down. The people around that area were just freaking out. No one sat down while he was up there. He did the Perfect Strangers banter up there and even sat and watched them do the West Wing theme, which he said was cool because he felt like he was watching it on television. Once they started into the theme songs, he finally started back down, but he didn't use the stairs, he walked along the small curb beside the railing.

From bottlecap at CV:
PEOPLE WHO APPLAUDED LIKE CRAZY AND PEOPLE WHO EARNED EVERY MOMENT OF THAT APPLAUSE: I swear, everybody on that stage must have been chugging guarana at intermission, because during the second half, that orchestra really rocked the venue. Measure of a Man? Clay turned it up to 11. Even Quiana was dancing and grooving on her stool as Clay wailed that song. I've just skimmed a couple of comments, and I imagine the impromptu duet on "Listen" might end up getting most of the attention for this concert, but MOAM was the showstopper for me. The audience gave him a standing ovation for that performance, and although Clay tried to shut the applause down, we ignored him and kept on and on. Well deserved. Bravo!

From whatever at the CH:
I loved observing a young, female, dark-haired violinist situated on the left of the stage. During the Classics medley she dutifully plied her bow, just barely holding onto her composure. You could see her struggle mightily to follow the music, look at Clay, check the music, look at Clay...and she grinned wider and wider and broke out in a full out smile by the end of it. Wonder how many notes she was actually hitting.

From luckiest at the CH:
Clay jumped off the stage during TWYMMF and went up the outer aisle in section 300 (which I was glad he did, since he'd spent so much time on the other side earlier). He went back to the crossways aisle that runs in front of the 600 section, and was getting people to sing into the mic. He came back down the aisle between sections 100 and 200, so he really made the rounds of the venue. I don't remember how the funny stuff started but he was cracking on Angela about her voice, making fun of her, imitating the way she sounded (which by this point was like a person with laryngitis) and he said something about hitting puberty. Well, she said "no, the other thing" and Clay was just dying when he caught on. She and Quiana carried on talking about PMS and referring to having your period (without actually saying the word period) and Clay picked up a drumstick or something and started trying to screw it into his ear. OMG we were all falling down laughing. Quiana said it was Problems Men Started and Angela went over and high fived her. Poor Clay, he just didn't know what to do, they just wouldn't stop, but it was funny to see them give it back to him as much as he can dish it out to them. At one point he went over and kissed Angela on the forehead which brought huge applause and screams. And I think it was here somewhere that he remarked that she'd probably give it to him later. He didn't seem to get the connotations of what he'd said until the audience started oohing and aahing and freaking out, and then you could see it dawn on his face.....he said to Quiana that they were just going to ignore such behaviour, and she said "or throw up a little bit in our mouths" which was probably the funniest line of the night. OMG tears were streaming down my face by that point. Clay busted a gut laughing too.

From didi46 at the CH:
As for the concert -- WOW.

If Clay could look like that and sound like that 365 days a year (and if I could always have a second row dead center seat), I would never ask for more. He reeled me in, hook, line and sinker the moment he appeared singing "Here You Come Again". The suit jacket, dark blue shirt and truly stunning jeans (with belt buckle, can't forget that!) was a great look on him. But more than that, he had that glow – y'all know what I mean? There was a certain boyishness to his face (I think partly due to his visibly sunburned nose) and his eyes were positively sparkling.

Uh, he really looked good. And even better, Clay was in great voice.

Also from didi46 at the CH:
It was during this exchange that I could hear that Angela was losing her voice. She was extremely hoarse. I felt for her. She suddenly disappeared from the stage at the end of a song, and it didn't seem like Clay and Quiana were expecting her to totally disappear like that. Clay joked that they'd been "Jay Deal-ed," and turned to the audience to tell us that was an inside joke that Quiana would be howling about for a month. That was pretty funny.

But then I understood that we were going to be in for a real treat – a duet of Listen. I had a clear and close-up view of Clay's face the entire time, and his intensity was mesmerizing. He was mouthing the lyrics pretty much the entire time Quiana was singing and you could feel and see from his body language that he was concentrating on getting his entrances timed right. The duet was amazing -- their voices blend beautifully together. Another well-deserved standing ovation followed. Angela was extremely gracious -- she made a point to come back on stage and congratulate both Clay and Quiana for a job well done.

From shiness at CH:
This concert had the perfect mix of everything I could have ever wanted! It had so much hysterical banter (PMS, Sean's BBQ sauce, Team Ethel, cool by the end of the show, Fava bean, lowriding pants falling off, hiding in the trees, and more) that the show ran long and my sides hurt from laughing! It had surprises that made my heart swell (Clay noticing the sun in people's eyes and moving to where he could be seen better), surprises that blew me away (Listen duet) and surprises that made me sob (his v.v. sincere acknowledgement that "we" brightened his day)! Along with all of the precious moments we've come to expect in the Classics segment, there was also him whipping off his jacket, getting cheek-to-cheek with Angela, and feeling Angela's "back!" Not to mention, the jeans and tucked in shirt!

And, on top of all of that, stunningly breathtaking performances! His voice sounded a little raspy to me, but it never got in the way. It actually made "Lover All Alone" more breathy and poignant for me! There were so many songs that he poured so much emotion into. I absolutely adored that night's versions of "These Open Arms", "Without You", "Lover All Alone", "Because You Loved Me", Listen and especially, MOAM. It was evident that he was feeding off of the energy from the crowd! It was that energy that was missing from Columbus, and what really made the SH experience so much better! He was overflowing with passion and I lost track of how many standing ovations there were!


A one-time only moment took place at Sterling Heights. After Angela Fisher was too hoarse to perform her solo of "Listen" from DreamGirls, Clay and Quiana Parler did an unrehearsed jam of the song. It was a small peek into the musicianship of Clay Aiken and a fabulous treat for his fans.

"Listen" performed by Clay Aiken and Quiana Parler


Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Summer Tour: Columbus

~Photo Courtesty of toni7babe (CV/CH)~

A very nice review in The Other of the Columbus concert that took place on the The Lawn of Chemical Abstract Service on July 21st. (Note: Review is excerpted. Full review is scanned and posted at end of typed portion. Click to enlarge)

Clay Aiken is an utterly convincing singer. Deal With it.

By John Petric

If you haven’t suspected it by now, this ought to confirm it. Yours truly is over the hill.

I liked Clay Aiken.

* * *

So yes, Clay Aiken. He’s a piece of work isn’t he? A cross between John Edwards and Paul McCartney, he mines the emotional veins dug by Streisand, Manilow and Celine, yet without the soul, severe schmaltz or extreme hysteria of those three.

* * *

And yet, let me tell you …..he can sing like a son of a gun. When he isn’t sounding like God’s most precious choirboy, he approaches Luther Vandrossian levels of soul pop.

So the first half of the first half was just that. Even the songs that weren’t about self-affirmation sounded like they were. And then everything suddenly coalesced a few tunes later for what would turn out to be the master stroke. “These Open Arms.”

“What if everything you ever took for granted was gone?” … “And everything you thought was right was wrong?”

Those very questions might be on Michael Vick’s mind right now. But our boy Clay was singing from the fist-sized organ in his chest. He’s no dummy. In fact, I figure him to be quite shrewd. The placing and pacing of “Arms” woke me up and won me over.

Aiken sang those soul-numbing lyrics with every ounce of focused emotional force he could conjure. Every hurt, every slight, every deep yearning to be loved when he wasn’t came out in that song. And let me tell you, we’re talking utterly convincing. I would’ve dabbed his eyes myself if he’d been teary.

* * *

With violins and cellos and violas caressing the melody, Aiken had the force of Oprah’s entire universe behind him. It was pure pop beauty, and I was awestruck by the moment.

Having achieved that level, Aiken returned to it frequently in the second half, but not before he had some fun with golden oldies and whatnot. He had a fine sense of humor, often self-deprecating and a little bit wicked, like when he mentioned the “Chemical Contaminated” grass.

His goofy, well-executed medley (with awesome symphonic accompaniment – mustn’t forget that) included dead-on snippets of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince and even “Achy Breaky Heart.”

After “These Open Arms” my favorite song was “Without You” a not-so-minor pop masterpiece. Aiken didn’t quite nail it as perfectly as Harry Nilsson, who was nowhere near the technically accomplished singer Aiken is. But he nailed it nonetheless, in his own patented I-die-for-your-sins-every-night way of performing.

And I found myself trying to figure out how I was going to tell the world I didn’t hate the guy—that, indeed, I was somewhat touched by him

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Some fan comments about the Columbus Concert:

From laughoutloud (CV):
It was the most unique venue I have ever attended. Clay commented on the food and the drink everywhere, but you had to be there to really get a sense of it...on the sides and the back were people on the lawns with coolers and such, throwing frisbees and having FUN. The center (tables) was different fun...candlelight and flowers and wine glasses and food everywhere! I was sitting in the middle of some symphony people and it was tres' cool. The age make-up of the crowd was all over the place...from a little girl who stood up on her seat at the end of "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" holding a little candle and shouting, 'I love you Clay' in her little 10 yr old voice, to the 30-something guys who were goofing around at the beginning and totally into the show by second half. 30 yr. old executive looking guy to my left was dancing along to the Classics with Clay and smiling and clapping. Our table represented the concert demographics I think...One 'not old enough to drink, but almost' girl...three 20-somethings, two 30 somethings, one 40-something, one 50-something, and two 'older than me I think, but I hate to guess', husband and wife. I saw more than one entire table of all guys. Some were a bit rowdy at the start and then all of a sudden they're into it. I read from another poster that the table guys near her were betting on who can name the TV tune the fastest. Freakin' wild.

From cath6 (CB):
Prior to tonight's concert the most tables that had been sold at Chemical Abstract was 240. There were 300 tables sold for Clay tonight and an unbelievable number of people sitting in the lawn seating. The workers and the caterers were all lined up watching the show during the second half and really enjoying themselves. They also showed the orchestra musicians on the jumbotron and they were having such fun! It was a great experience and I think Clay made a lot of new fans in Columbus!!!!!

From a male blogger:
Clay came out to perform, right on time, at 8:15. He started to sing some of his regular fare and I was thinking it was sorta boring. After a couple of songs, he took a break from singing and started talking and making jokes. He joked with the crowd and made fun of the venue and I started to really get into it. He was very funny and extremely likable. No wonder my wife likes him. Anyway, I began to really get into the show at that point and I was very glad I went. Later, he made fun of himself for "not being cool enough" and playfully attempted to remedy it by singing covers of Baby Got Back, Bringing Sexy Back and, believe it or not...You Down with OPP! If you weren't there, it might sound corny, but it wasn't. It was done to be funny and it was very entertaining. He also has one hell of a voice.

From Gambie (CV):
The two tables behind me were locals and they all seemed to be enjoying the show. The were a bit subdued but probably were showing the level of excitement that an average symphony attendee would show. I heard a lot of wonderful comments from the table directly behind me. One of the woman at the table said she hadn't ever seen a crowd that large for any of the shows held there. They LOVED Lover All Alone. Listening to the people talk on the walk back to the parking lot just put a smile on my face. So many upbeat comments.

From xxx4clay(CV):
I thought this was supposed to be some kind of low attendance concert. But no. There were people all over and everywhere! Lots and lots of people! Of all shapes and genders and stripes. Like lots of people. And what’s funny is, as many people as I was amazed to see at that time, when intermission came, I was amazed at how many more people there were then! Clay’s a magnet I tell ya. I know “we” all like to see Clay up close and personal but this venue was proof for me, that if given an opportunity and a cheap price, all manner of “not just us” folks will gladly fork over a few bucks just to hear him. Something to keep in mind..

Also from xxx4clay:
I know I haven’t really talked much about the concert except to say I loved it but I will share my non-Internet friend’s review. Now understand, she is not the over the top addicted fan that I am. But she surely is an over the top addicted fan of a sort. She knew almost nothing of the concert beforehand. Her favorite parts? The TV Medley for one. Now I haven’t mentioned that much. I don’t watch much TV. I knew only three of those tidits I think. I enjoyed the medley though -like hearing new music for me. My friend does watch TV and she loved loved loved it! She also went a little nutso over the Classics medley. Now, remember I told you she is not internet connected. She does have ATDW, of course. And I had shared Lover All Alone with her. But she later asked me about “that song he wrote.” She did not remember it. But she was so impressed with it. Loved it. Of course.


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The King of Controversy Speaks

Clay gave an exclusive statement to The Insider and Entertainment Tonight. From the ET Website as follows:

Singer CLAY AIKEN was involved in a minor dispute with a woman on a plane Saturday.

Now, in an exclusive statement to ET, the singer tells his side of the story, saying, "While sleeping on a plane over the weekend, my foot evidently found a home on the arm rest of the passenger seated directly in front of me. I didn't realize I was causing the woman any distress until she woke me up with a quick hit to the chest.

"Unfortunately, being that this happened on a plane, the FBI was called in to investigate and eventually we were all sent on our way. I'd like to thank everyone for their concern; I am fine and have taken steps to prevent any foot wandering in the future."

Clay cleverly implies that there are far greater sources of distress in the world. "Now that I have your attention," he continues, "if you'd like to learn more about how you can help the world's children, please visit http://www.unicefusa.org.

The 2003 "American Idol" runner-up was on a Continental Airlines flight heading to Tulsa when he and a female passenger got into a minor disagreement that led to her shoving the 28-year-old pop star.

FBI Special Agent GARY JOHNSON reportedly told the Tulsa World newspaper that the argument was between a male and female passenger, but did not give their names, saying only that the man was a former "American Idol" contestant.

Johnson added that the dispute was over the male passenger's foot resting on the woman's armrest.

The situation, however, did not disrupt the flight, and while both parties were questioned by the FBI, no charges were filed.


For more details visited the my blog posted yesterday:
The King of Controversy and the Unfriendly Skies OR The Case of Big Foot on the Plane

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The King of Controversy and the Unfriendly Skies OR The Case of Big Foot on the Plane

It's hard to believe that a nice mild-mannered guy like Clay Aiken can get himself into so much trouble. More amazing is that he can seemingly do it in his sleep. There is an AP story making the rounds of an incident that took place his flight from Houston to Tulsa on Saturday morning.

Here is the story as printed:

Clay Aiken involved in airplane spat

08:46 PM CDT on Saturday, July 7, 2007
Associated Press

TULSA, Okla. – Former American Idol singer Clay Aiken was apparently involved in an airplane disturbance with another passenger Saturday while headed to Tulsa International Airport.

The dispute on a Continental Airlines flight occurred between a woman and a man, whom FBI Special Agent Gary Johnson confirmed was a former American Idol contestant.

Aiken, runner-up on the TV talent show in 2003, was headed to Tulsa for a Saturday performance at the Brady Theater. His management could not be reached for comment on the alleged incident.

Johnson said he was told the dispute was over the male passenger's foot resting on another passenger's armrest. He said the disturbance minor.

There was an allegation that the woman gave the male passenger a "minor shove" during the argument, Johnson said.

"At that point the flight crew was able to resolve the situation," he said.

The disturbance occurred Saturday morning, said Tulsa Airport Authority spokeswoman Alexis Higgins. Higgins said the passengers were held until FBI agents arrived to interview them.

No injuries were reported and no arrests were made. The disturbance did not interfere with the flight of the aircraft, Johnson said.

Agents forwarded the results of their investigation to the U.S. Attorney's Office, which declined to file charges, he said.

The AP left out of few pertinent facts such as Mr. Aiken was sleeping at the time. He had his leg crossed and his foot hit the female passenger's arm rest. Okay to be fair, he is tall and he does have big feet, but couldn't she just jostle him awake. No instead, she swatted at him. When he didn't wake up, she started screaming at him and took some swings at him. He woke up disoriented to an assault but gentleman that he is he didn't hit back. (Personally I would have slugged her). Maybe that is what she wanted. I wouldn't be surprised if she was hoping for a scuffle so she could sue him. Clay Aiken didn't press charges against her. I hope the witch woman takes some anger-management before she really hurts someone, and I hope in the future Clay makes sure he sits next to one of his entourage or at least buy the seat next to him.

Of course since Clay Aiken is King of Controversy this story is being picked up on 162 outlets per Google. There must be no other worthy news at the moment. I 'm sure it will make the entertainment shows and hit all the gossip rags. Clay Aiken's name is good for a few hits on a website. It's sad that the whole truth does not get reported, but the whole truth is rather benign and boring. In fact, someone tried to set MSNBC straight, but they deleted the comment trying explain the facts. It must of been the part of faulty agenda-driven journalism they didn't like. More likely is was the truth isn't as interesting as the fiction they have parading as news on that site.

At least Clay Aiken got something out of this latest escapade --more concert banter fodder. He's got a great sense of humor which he needs in the lousy business of being famous. Check out the banter where he talks about his airplane experience at the Tulsa concert the same evening.

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Summer Tour 2007--The Texas Two-Step

Frisco TX
The summer tour kicked off on the fourth of July at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco TX. The concert was held after an opening act of a soccer game between FC Dallas and FC Chivas with the home team winning 2-1. I tried to watch, but honestly, except the obvious goals where I just followed the crowd in cheering, the game was pretty much off my radar. I was having a great time meeting Clay fans in the stands. Luckily after weeks of rain, the Fourth decided to behave and we had really nice weather. It didn't rain, and it wasn't too hot-- can't ask more from Texas. After the game, the event 'police' guarded the gates onto the field like they were guarding the crown jewels. On further thought, perhaps they were. The Clay fans were stuck waiting on the stadium stairs for at least 20 minutes. It felt like an hour because it was Clay Aiken time. The anticipation was killing me. Finally the gates opened and we all made a mad dash for the stage. I mistakenly thought we were going to have to sit on the field so I came prepared with a towel. Once on the field, we were crowding (in a well-mannered way) toward the stage. I wanted to squee because I was so close. Who cared about sitting when The Aiken would only be a few feet away. The show was fabulous. It was a shortened set (concert length was about 70 minutes) from the regular venues, so the drawback besides less Clay time is a more choppy feel to the show. I didn't care. Clay looked stunning. No picture does him justice. The man was and is drop-dead gorgeous in person. His voice was more glorious than any record. He was funny and engaging. What more can a fan want. Well, this is Clay Nation we are talking about so it should have been no surprise that opinions (many from people who only saw video) were wide and varied.

The Houston was better received because one, it was a beautiful symphony hall not a stadium with bad sound and two, because it was the full show. Also, Clay had a chance to see what worked and what didn't in he first show. He asked for feedback after Frisco on his official fansite, and I bet he got plenty. Hee. Well, he did ask. He should know his fans are very opinionated. I wasn't at this show, but the crowd was comprised of online Clay fans, local fans, and symphony members. It was reported that one-third to one-half of the audience was male. There was even a group of fans that flew in from Korea. The concert last almost two hours with 5 additional full-length songs and more banter than Frisco. The show flowed more evenly. Clay was again in spectacular voice. Besides "Lover All Alone" and "Because You Loved Me" one of the most loved parts of the concert was his Classics Segment which were songs normally not heard with an orchestra, and also songs you wouldn't expect to hear Ckay Aiken sing. He had a lot of fan with that segment and so did most of the audience.

He got many ovations, but none so heartfelt as when he sang the song he wrote himself, "Lover All Alone". Be sure to watch the YouTube video after the setlists. He ended the concert with a song to his fans "Because You Loved Me". That is the truth Clay Aiken fans do love him.

Frisco Setlist:
Here You Come Again
I Want to Know What Love Is w/Quiana Parler
Banter – band intro – Quiana and Angela
When I See You Smile
The West Wing theme song – orchestra only
TV Theme Song medley - Perfect Strangers, Full House, Laverne and Shirley, What's Happening (orchestra only), Growing Pains, Different Strokes, Charles in Charge, Roseanne (orchestra only), Who’s the Boss, WKRP in Cincinnati, Golden Girls, Gimme a Break, Welcome Back Kotter, The Jeffersons, All in the Family
These Open Arms
When the Lights Go Down – Quiana Parler
Banter – more band intro Orchestra and drummer
Without You
The “Classics” Medley – Baby Got Back, Like a Virgin, Bills, Bills, Bills (Quiana), 1999, She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, Oops, I Did It Again, OPP, Yeah, SexyBack , Achy Breaky Heart, Opposites Attract, Beat It
Lover All Alone
Because You Loved Me
God Bless the USA (Proud to be an American)

Houston Setlist:
First Half
Here You Come Again
Everything I Have
I Want to Know What Love Is w/Quiana Parler
When I See You Smile
Everytime You go Away
The West Wing theme song – orchestra only
TV Theme Song medley - Perfect Strangers, Full House, Laverne and Shirley, What's Happening (orchestra only), Growing Pains, Different Strokes, Charles in Charge, Roseanne (orchestra only), Who’s the Boss, WKRP in Cincinnati, Golden Girls, Gimme a Break, Welcome Back Kotter, The Jeffersons, All in the Family
These Open Arms
When the Lights Go Down – Quiana Parler

Second Half
Without You
Measure of a Man
A Thousand Days
The Way You Make me Feel
The “Classics” Medley – Baby Got Back, Like a Virgin (Angela), Bill,s Bills, Bills (Quiana), 1999, She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, Oops, I Did It Again, OPP, Yeah, SexyBack , Achy Breaky Heart, Opposites Attract, Beat It
Listen – Angela
Banter – band intros
Lover All Alone
Because You Loved Me

Thanks to quiet1ne for the setlist

~Lover All Alone--Houston~

~Classics TV Medly-Houston~

~Because You Loved Me & Banter- Houston~

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The Venues of the Summer Tour

Tour Schedule

**Click To Enlarge**
~Graphic courtesy of claystruck~

Pizza Hut Park
Frisco TX
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Jones Hall
Houston TX
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The Brady Theatre
Tulsa Oklahoma
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The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
Philadelphia PA
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Crouse-Hinds Concert Theatre
Syrucuse NY
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Constellation Performing Arts Center
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Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater
Chautauqua NY
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Chemical Abstract Service Lawn
Columbus OH
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Freedom Hill
Sterling Heights MI
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Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center
Gilford NH
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New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Newark NJ
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Embarcadero Marina Park South
San Deigo CA
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Pala Casino Starlight
Pala CA
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The Greek Theatre
Los Angeles CA
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Fantasy Springs Casino
Indio CA
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Koka Booth Amphitheater
Cary NC
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Biltmore Estates
Asheville NC
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Tennessee Theater
Knoxville TN
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Chastain Park Amphitheater
Atlanta GA
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Barbara B Mann Center
Ft Meyers FL
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Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
Tampa Bay FL
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Kravis Center for the Performing Arts
West Palm Beach FL
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Hard Rock Cafe
Orlando FL
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